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Affiliate account management

Manage your Affiliates from one screen, set different permission roles in your organisation, and send your Affiliates out on their revenue-generating mission.

Effective Account Management

The Affiliate Platform™ affiliate software solution allows multi-brand campaign creation and tracking and keeps each brand’s affiliate registrations and access separate. 

Different commission plans can be assigned per product and brand. Unite your iGaming brands into one affiliate program and manage them from one admin panel.

Build great partner relationships and expand your affiliate network on your terms. Don’t limit yourself to rigid legacy systems; take advantage of The Affiliate Platform™ flexible tools to power your affiliate program and optimize your affiliate marketing spend.

Automatic Approval Of Registered Affiliate

When the operator wants his affiliates to be approved and assigned to an affiliate manager automatically, it is possible to give affiliates a link to register with and be transferred directly to an affiliate manager. This way, you can also track the performance of your affiliate managers.

No Negative Carry-Over

No negative carryover is when the negative balance does NOT carry over into the next month. This feature protects the operator from “hurting” the affiliates with outliers and abnormal values.

Security is a priority.

You have created a brand with hard work and determination. The last thing you want is for your data to fall into the wrong hands. This is why with our Affiliate Platform, you can set different security rules to protect your brand and your affiliates.

Additional Permission

The operator can select which indicators (username, financial actions, etc.) they want to display to the affiliates.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security system that requires two separate, distinct forms of identification to access the platform. The first factor is a password, and the second includes a code generated by a 3rd party app such as Google Authenticator, Authy, etc. This way, in addition to using an account password, your affiliate can protect their account with double security factors.

Enable API Access

Affiliates can pull reporting information without accessing Smartico’s Affiliate Platform by using APIs.

Internal Communication With Your Affiliates

Stylish, attractive, and mobile-optimized newsletter templates to communicate with your affiliates, as well as detailed email delivery with status information to get insights on the performance.

Popup Message

This message will appear to the affiliate when they are logged in. If the affiliate is not logged in, they will get the popup upon their next login within 30 days from the sending of the popup.


We have set up several email templates to send in various situations triggered by affiliate activities. You can edit email templates for each program by selecting according to the nature of events. This way, you can customize the messages to inform or motivate affiliates in different campaigns.


What can The Affiliate Platform™ offer for your business?