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Customize Affilaite Tracking Links With TheAffiliatePlatform

Custom Affiliate Links

Let’s Understand first, what is an ‘’Affiliate Tracking Link‘’?

An affiliate tracking link is a URL with a unique tracker that enables the iGaming operators to attribute the traffic and conversions for the purpose of paying commissions to marketing partners/affiliates.

When a potential customer clicks on the link, the click is associated with the affiliate and enables the iGaming operator to record the source of the traffic. If the visitor makes a registration and plays games in the iGaming platform, the operator will pay the affiliate marketer a commission.


A typical affiliate link structure

A typical affiliate tracking link will contain parameter like affiliate Id, this fact will link the affiliate to a potential customer clicking the link. This link is used to track the traffic sent to the online casino’s website. 

Here’s a basic breakdown of what an affiliate link might look like:


The basic structure of an affiliate link:<<affiliateId>>

In this link the “ref” parameter indicates that this is belongs to affiliate X.

Complex link structure with additional parameters:

Here, along with the affiliate Id (ref=12345), there are additional parameters to track the specific campaign (campaign=welcome-bonus) and the source of the traffic (source=blogpost) and a unique tracker under the btag parameter.

Shortened link structure:

Some affiliates or affiliate programs (including TAP) use link shorteners to make the links more manageable and user-friendly. A shortened link might look something like:

When a user clicks on this link, they’re redirected to the original affiliate link. Shortened links can be especially useful for platforms with character limits, like Twitter and SMS messages.

To briefly sum up, while the structure of an affiliate link can vary based on the affiliate program and the tools used by the affiliate, the common feature is that they contain unique identifiers to track referrals from a specific affiliate.

Can an affiliate link be customized for a specific affiliate?

Yes, on TheAffiliatePlatform, an affiliate tracking link can be customized specifically for each affiliate and makes it more memorable for their customers or visitors (and less complex). 

The most basic customization is the inclusion of a unique affiliate ID or username in the link. This ensures that traffic and sales can be followed back to the specific affiliate. 

Using TheAffiliatePlatform’s  ” custom link ” feature, affiliates can name their tracking link or the operation can do it instead of the affiliate. So affiliates can have different links with different names as they’ve decided.


For example:

In addition to this, affiliates might be running multiple campaigns or promotions at the same time. To differentiate between them and understand which campaign is more effective, they can add custom campaign tags to their links. 

For example:

Is Creating Custom Affiliate Links Important for Your Affiliate Program?

Creating custom affiliate links is vital for any affiliate program for a variety of reasons. These custom links not only enhance the efficiency of the affiliate program but also help in making the marketing strategy more effective especially in terms of making links that fit each campaign. This feature helps both affiliates and the casinos see which campaigns are performing the best.

Presume a situation in which an affiliate promotes your online operation on social media and through emails.

If the affiliate uses a custom link for each promo channel, all can see where their success is coming from.

Do more people click the link in emails or on social media channels? If more clicks are coming from social media, which social media channel performs the best? Knowing this, the affiliate can put more effort into what’s working best.

Also, custom links look better to visitors and customers because custom links are cleaner and less confusing than random letters and numbers.

People tend to click on a link that looks good. And more clicks can mean more sales for your business.

Custom links also make it easy for you to keep track of your program. You can see which affiliates and campaigns are bringing in the most people.

This information lets you make smart choices to help your affiliate program grow.

How Can You Create Custom Affiliate Links on TAP?

With, your affiliates easily can individualize their own custom links by naming them as they like.

Custom link will look like that:

This would be quite useful if the affiliates want to promote a specific product or page on your casino. Thus, affiliates can choose which pages they want to promote and turn them into their own affiliate link(s).

To do this, they simply need to click on the ”Links ” that can be found on the left side menu on their account to select whichever landing page they want to promote as shown below.

As the next step, after they select which landing page they want to promote, should click on the” customize ” button. 

Afterward, they’ll need to determine how they want to name their link and click on the ”Apply” button.