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20 Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms To Maximize iGaming Sales

One of the best ways to generate passive income is affiliate marketing. In essence, affiliate marketing allows businesses to advertise their products or services through an affiliate in exchange for a commission. Compared to traditional marketing approaches, this method has the power to increase audience reach for much less cost and risk.

However, to create a profitable affiliate program, you first need to have a solid strategy and an affiliate marketing software good enough to do the job with maximum efficiency. In this article, we’ll explore 20 of the best affiliate marketing platforms to help set you apart from the competition while maximizing your profits. 


What Makes Affiliate Marketing So Special?

Affiliate marketing can be an extremely lucrative, safe, and cheap strategy for businesses of all kinds, including the iGaming industry. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that it can act as your sidekick on your mission to reach a broader customer base faster without having to spend tons of money. You only need to focus on content creation, affiliate management, and spreading the word about your program. 

With the right software, you can easily track ROI, and access sales data, leads, impressions, and clicks through a dashboard. 

Depending on your software of choice, you can also focus on selling specific high-value items. You can then ask your affiliates to concentrate on promoting just a few select products in exchange for a higher commission. Alternatively, if some items happen to have a low turnover rate, you can ask your affiliates to focus specifically on these to help you get excess stock off your mind. 


What to Look for in An Affiliate Marketing Software Platform

User-Friendly Interface: A seamless and sleek interface should work in your and your affiliates’ favor. Ideally, your dashboard should give an overview of the progress of your campaigns.

Meanwhile, affiliates should also have easy access to see their earnings and access content they can share. Platforms that allow for all parties to customize their dashboard to match their brand are preferable here.

Reports & Tracking: Your best option is real-time software that can track clicks and sales. This way, you can keep track of your campaigns’ performance and know where improvement is required. Furthermore, a solution that gives you and your affiliates a rounded view of reports will help you plan future campaigns with much higher efficiency. 

Customer Support and Documentation: Customer assistance is a must for you and your affiliates across platforms. Keep a strong focus on customer ratings and customer support at all times. When the office is closed, an affiliate marketing platform worth its salt should have a ticketing system for emergencies. 

SaaS integration: The ability to integrate with e-commerce companies such as PayPal is a crucial feature of affiliate marketing software. Your best option is one that sets up applications that are used instantaneously. Aim for as many integrations as possible. Some platforms also allow for custom integrations.

Price: While you should mainly concentrate on features when looking for the right platform, you should not overlook the importance of pricing. Some solutions are best for smaller businesses with a tighter budget, while others can take advantage of more in-depth affiliate programs with a more extensive arsenal of tools.


The 20 Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms


1. TheAffiliatePlatform by 

Powered by, TheAffiliatePlatform is a comprehensive software solution that allows for multi-brand campaign creation and tracking while keeping each brand’s affiliate registrations and access separate. 

With TheAffiliatePlatform, you can build strong partner relationships and expand your affiliate network on your terms with the help of flexible tools that can help you optimize your affiliate marketing spend with great efficiency. 

This white-label platform is designed specifically for casino, poker, sportsbook, and fintech operators.

In addition, TheAffiliatePlatform offers:

  • Collaboration With Partners — Dedicated Account Manager is part of the service via any of the instant messaging apps (Slack, Skype, Teams, etc.) and Jira.
  • Convenient Pricing — TheAffiliatePlatform does not charge for your results, clicks, or conversion — it’s all included in the price.
  • Ease of Use — Allows your team total control over your entire affiliate operation, including overseeing your team of affiliate managers, affiliate management, real-time reporting, payments, and comprehensive BI reporting.
  • Total Control In One Customizable Platform – Tap into the power of a fully customizable affiliate management solution designed to manage your affiliate marketing campaigns, payouts, creative assets, and more. Upload, update, and manage all your creatives across your entire affiliate network.
  • Track Everything In One Place And Build The Partnership You Want — TheAffiliatePlatform can make your next campaign the most successful one yet. It is a powerful affiliate software platform bringing casino and betting operators advanced solutions for creating, running, and tracking multi-brand affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • Comprehensive Feature-Rich Tracking — TheAffiliatePlatform provides real-time and accurate conversion tracking and records via API integration, FTP solutions, traffic sources, and media placements. It also features broadly advanced no-cookie dependency methods like Server 2 Server (S2S/Postback), Image pixel, iFrame, Client JS Block, and Facebook pixel, which are ideal for advanced affiliate marketers.
  • Multi-Product & Multi-Brand System — TheAffiliatePlatform allows for multi-brand campaign creation and tracking and keeps the affiliate registrations and access separate for each brand. Different commission plans can be assigned per product and brand. Unite your iGaming brands into one affiliate program and manage them from one admin panel.

There are many more tools offered by TheAffiliatePlatform, and driven by customer requests, new features, and functionalities are released every month.

2. Income Access

Income Access is a digital marketing leader. Armed with proprietary technology, the company specializes in affiliate marketing and other marketing services while offering an exceptional affiliate system for casinos.

Income Access’ features and benefits include:

  • ROI Analytics And Attribution — Analyze your business performance and optimize your return on investment. Knowing your customers’ pain points and taking them into account in your conversion funnel is crucial for marketing success.
  • Campaign Management — Manage your campaigns and track your results in one comfortable location. Leave it to the Income Access team of professionals to make the most of your digital marketing strategy.
  • Fraud Prevention — Detect and eliminate fraudulent activity in your network with speed and effectiveness so you can protect your brand and reputation. 
  • Online & Offline Tracking — Leverage your marketing results with ease. Keep track of your affiliate traffic results, as well as your offline promotional campaigns and paid search activity, all in one specialized location. 

The platform works with many business giants in the iGaming, lottery, and forex fields. They include William Hill, Fanduel, Jackpot Joy, PokerStars, Pennsylvania Lottery, TwinSpires, Caesars Interactive, and Gain Capital, among others.

To learn more about Income Access, see the introductory video below.

Income Access: Not just a software company, marketing agency, or affiliate network


3. My Affiliates

My Affiliates is a comprehensive management software platform with 24/7 support. It was created specifically for fast-moving businesses like sports betting, iGaming, forex, and binary.

This marketing software is designed to allow your business to connect with all demographics while helping you expand your customer base and driving traffic through your affiliate partners.

Some of My Affiliates’ key features include: 

  • A vast arsenal of fully customizable, auto email templates
  • An individual dashboard that shows graphs for every affiliate
  • Access to in-depth information on affiliate performance
  • The power to manage and assign several commission plans 
  • Affiliate tags can either be assigned manually or automatically
  • Automatic or Manual Sign-up Approval
  • Email verification


With MyAffiliates’ advanced affiliate tracking software, you can rest assured that your affiliate program will be in good hands.


4. Netrefer

Netrefer’s Unified Performance Marketing software is a powerful automated marketing solution created with the affiliate life cycle in mind.

The platform’s key features include: 

  • The Ability To Orchestrate Your Affiliates From One Place — With Netrefer, you have total control to build, empower and oversee your affiliates thanks to a fully customizable ecosystem. 
  • Seamless Communication With Marketers — Communication with your army of affiliates needs to be simple and easy, so everyone can be on the same page about the plan. Categorize, sharpen and tag communications based on the topics and notifications of your choice, and create and store template messages to make your job easier. 
  • Overview Processes With Data-rich Reporting — A wide array of system reports which cover all aspects of the affiliate marketing process helps you filter by criteria such as country, duration, brand, product, reward schemes, and a lot more. 
  • Incentivize Marketers With A Win-Win Option — Keep your affiliates wanting to do business with you through an array of unequaled reward plan options for cash liability, payment dues, payment service provider selection, and invoice issuing. You also have the option to choose any reward plan and tailor it to encompass criteria like deposits, registrations, turnover, wagering, customer types, player points, and much more. Various bonus system options are also available.


5. Affise

Affise is an Outcome-Based and Affiliate Marketing solution for marketers who love data and rapid revenue growth. Free clicks and complete budget control allow for a smooth operation flow, and you pay only for conversions. 

Affise is used globally by some of the most successful organizations as it can create marketing campaigns with conversion-based expenses instead of paying for each click individually. This is all made possible by total workflow centralization, including transformations, creatives, payments, and distributors. Hence, any traffic source can be utilized while paying only for conversions. 

Affise’s main features and benefits are:

  • Tracking & Attribution: Get full traffic for any product by any channel
  • Fraud Prevention: Protect your business with AI Anti-Fraud
  • Analytics And Reporting: Visualize data the way you want
  • Automation: Automate daily routine processes and grow faster


Affise allows you to speed up business growth through a full-range partner marketing platform. You can get traffic, promote brands, find more channels, work with new partners, and boost income easily and effectively. 


6. Partner Matrix

Partner Matrix is an affiliate marketing platform allowing full control over online and offline marketing channel strategies. Thanks to integrated payment methods, dedicated account management, and fraud-blocking tools, you can drive up traffic and sales while significantly expanding the reach of your casino/sports betting/esports platform. 

Partner Matrix’s key features and benefits are:

  • Track, analyze, and manage your affiliate programs with high efficiency
  • Flexible multi-functional commission models for affiliates
  • Highly adaptable to all markets and regions
  • Seamless affiliate tracking and statistics
  • Real-time user activity reporting is driven by API
  • Tracking and statistics with various features (S2S, Dynamic IDs)
  • Intelligent fraud-preventing tools
  • Automated or manual payments
  • Dedicated account management
  • Multi-level user access and security
  • 3rd party gaming provider/product integration 


Partner Matrix works with more than 200 international organizations, with a player base of more than 20 million people. 


7. Affiliate

This affiliate marketing solution was designed specifically with the needs of the iGaming industry in mind. Affiliate is a powerful performance marketing software that allows for affiliate management, tracking of advertising campaigns, market expense optimization, player analysis, and timely affiliate payments.

Affilika’s best features and benefits include:

  • Built-in Payment Processing
  • In-depth Affiliate Management
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Media Management
  • Flexible Commission Plans
  • Multiple Affiliate Tiers
  • S2S Postbacks
  • Custom Dynamic Tracking Parameters
  • Interface Customization
  • Multiple Brands and Products within One Affiliate Program
  • Various Access Levels to the System
  • Fault Tolerance and High Availability


Affiliate is a great solution for iGaming business owners who want to create their affiliate programs, foster strong and transparent partner relationships, truly connect with their user base, and boost revenue with the help of affiliates.


8. Refersion

With nearly a decade of experience in the industry, Refersion’s affiliate marketing has around 20,000 loyal clients. With Refersion, new clients even have the option to attend onboarding sessions and training that allows them to review the software’s features in real time. 

In addition, the platform’s marketplace lists potential affiliate partners for you to find and help your business reach new heights. Affiliates have access to a personalized portal with their dashboard. This is where they can keep track of their activity, payouts, and commissions. In turn, you become discoverable when the platform lists your program on the marketplace free of charge.

Refersion’s key features are:

  • E-commerce platform integration
  • Commission, payment, and tax automation
  • Dashboard customization
  • Real-time and easy-to-read reports
  • On-boarding webinar for new customers
  • API Documentation

Refersion integrates with all commerce giants and is excellent for iGaming/sports betting/casino businesses.


9. Lead Dyno

As a top-performing affiliate management platform, Lead Dyno has made more than $200 million in affiliate sales for the year 2020 alone. The software integrates with more than 25 platforms and is quick and easy to install. They include marketing platforms, CRM, payment processors, and e-commerce. 

Lead Dyno’s key features include:

  • Real-time commission tracking
  • One-click integrations
  • Multiple tracking options
  • Marketing and recruitment automation
  • Easy set-up commission structure
  • Customizable payment scheme


One of LeadDyno’s most interesting features is its affiliate portal, which is fully customizable. In addition, you can upload marketing material that can be easily accessed by affiliates and shared on their platforms. If you wish, you can even send out newsletters and create trackable coupon codes and other incentives for your affiliates to use. 


10. TUNE

TUNE was originally launched as a platform to measure mobile app campaign performances but can be used for all purposes, including iGaming, casino, etc. Today, the company supports the needs of ad networks, publisher businesses, influencers, and much more and prides itself on its  98% customer satisfaction rate.

TUNE’s key features include:

  • Real-time reporting
  • Automated workflow and payout schemes
  • Customizable payment rules
  • Access across various digital platforms
  • Customer support


TUNE supports mobile, desktop, and applications, which helps clients track their progress at all times. Its performance automated tools can also help you save time to boost your net profit. In addition, with the software’s non-cookie server postback tracking, clients can get precise and real-time campaign performance data reports.


11. iDevAffiliate

With two decades of experience, iDevAffiliate is simple to use while boasting a heavy arsenal of tools that make it irresistible to clients. The software’s features cater to all kinds of businesses, including iGaming, and their built-in onboarding carries more than 40 hours of video tutorials. 

Key features include:

  • Social media sharing and SEO linking
  • General Lead and coupon code tracking
  • Step-by-step onboarding
  • Multi-tier recruitment
  • Unique subdomain
  • More than 175 integrations
  • Performance rewards
  • Fraud prevention and security


One of the iDevAffiliates’ most useful features is that it allows partners to use their subdomain for their inbound links and account location. This cuts out any suspicious links, building a relationship based on trust among audiences and affiliates. With iDevAffiliates you can also share your links on social media and create more powerful SEO via backlinking.


12. CJ Affiliate

Used by thousands of brands globally, CJ Affiliate has been in the spotlight of affiliate marketing since 1998. CJ Affiliates clients have reportedly grown their revenue to 30% in their first year alone, and with 170,000 clients and counting, the platform has proven to be a lucrative partnership ecosystem perfect for iGaming businesses. 

CJ Affiliate’s main features include: 

  • Omnichannel integrations
  • Real-time insights and analytics
  • Intuitive platform
  • Custom commissions
  • Flexible compensations
  • Easy integration to eCommerce platforms


With CJ Affiliate, users can rest assured that privacy regulations are abided by at all times. Its intelligent technology ensures network quality that locates and deals with fraud. In addition, the software reviews affiliates before their first payment while providing special program policy protection.


13. Reditus

Reditus is a well-rounded solution for various industries, including iGaming, with a focus on growing SaaS with affiliate marketing. The platform’s key focus is to be a customer-centric business that can help businesses grow a fresh and constant revenue stream. 

Reditus’ main features are: 

  • A marketplace 
  • Analytics
  • Team training
  • A partner agreement template
  • SEO-friendly links

With Reditus, clients can set up a partner referral program in as little as 30 minutes, according to their website. Specifically designed to help you save time after your program is up and running, the software allows for full control while managing your partners through a single platform. In addition to helping you with partner management, Reditus also offers a special marketplace where you can find new potential partners. 


14. Offer18

Used by around 1000 businesses, Offer18 is an award-decorated tracking solution that can help iGaming and other businesses create their affiliate networks and strengthen their ROI with the help of state-of-the-art tools.

Offer18’s main features include: 

  • 24/7 support
  • Fraud prevention
  • Payout tiers
  • A customizable affiliate dashboard
  • An affiliate link checker
  • Email communication

Offer18 offers every tool you might need to create, start, and manage affiliate partnerships. One feature that stands out, in particular, is the flexible payouts system, which allows you to pay your affiliates following their geographical conversion or use special goals or events to set up payouts. In addition, the software boasts various fraud prevention tools that include a traffic source validator, so you can avoid paying up more than necessary. 


15. Referral Rock

Referral Rock is a leading affiliate marketing solution that helps ensure your best affiliates remain happy and engaged. The company offers more than 25 integrations for all kinds of industries, including iGaming. The software allows you to promote affiliate marketing programs on various marketing channels — it can, for example, be embedded in your website. 

One feature businesses might find quite helpful is its highly configurable reward options. There are also many time-based offers to recurring rewards and incentives you can design to draw more attention. 

Referral Rock’s stand-out features include:

  • Multiple incentive structures
  • Referral attribution and activity tracking
  • Automatic payouts
  • Advanced reward rules
  • Triggered emails
  • Social media sharing
  • Downloadable reports and activity tracking
  • Team accounts

Referral Rock offers unconditional support with a dedicated success manager, an introductory call, technical integration help, program audits, and best practices training for referrals.


16. PartnerStack

PartnerStack is a leading multi-purpose partnership solution that focuses on empowering affiliates through alluring performance incentives and custom dashboards. The software has reportedly driven 122% revenue growth among its users and $180 million in partnership revenue in 2021 alone.

Key features offered by PartnerStack include:

  • Customized onboarding
  • Automated and flexible payment scheme
  • Incentives for top partners
  • Conversion across every platform
  • Software Integration

The software offers a 4-step method for partnership scaling. By including your program in PartnerStack’s marketplace, you can become easily accessible to thousands of affiliates. In addition, you can customize the onboarding process for all affiliate partners. Also, the software offers an auto-computing conversion mechanism, so you can rest assured no payments will be missed.


17. Post Affiliate Pro

Known as one of the most reviewed platforms for affiliate marketing, Post Affiliate Pro is being used in more than 100 countries. Home to around 100 million affiliates, the software boasts paid commissions amounting to half a billion USD and has won some awards in customer satisfaction, affiliate management software, and referral software. It is also a great choice for iGaming/casino businesses.

Some of Post Affiliate Pro’s strongest features are:

  • Free full set-up
  • Customizable interface
  • Real-time data reporting
  • 24/7/365 customer support

The software integrates with more than 200 payment processors and CMSs, which makes customizing your brand much easier. With Post Affiliate Pro’s branding feature, you can even create all kinds of promo banners and get lifetime updates at no additional cost. In addition, the platform has a high-end customer support team available to solve any problems you may have 24/7.



Here we have an extremely potent award-winning partnership platform specially created for optimizing and redefining all types of partnerships, including influencers, affiliates, and publishers, for unequaled business growth. is also a fabulous choice for iGaming businesses wanting to grow their revenue exponentially. The software allows you to scout for new talent and bring together a dream team of super-achievers thanks to its highly effective discovery tools and automation tech.

With’s advanced payment and contract solutions, you can set your desired terms and allow for flexible digital contracting, as well as cross-border payment options for partners. You can also track and engage partners, shield yourself from fraud, monitor compliance, and streamline partner management efforts. 

The software’s main features are:

  • Automated nurture campaigns
  • Discover tool — allows for competitive and content-based discovery 
  • Auto drip campaigns for affiliate partners
  • Recruitment pipeline dashboard
  • Digital contract-making and auto payments for affiliate partners
  • Spot-on, cookie-less, and consistent partner tracking
  • Auto affiliate partnership engagement features
  • Automated partner management workflow 
  • Data science support and fraud reports and 
  • Multi-device customer tracking also offers a bunch of fresh new features, including integrations with various CRM platforms, a data visualization lab, conversion rate improvement through deferred deep linking, forecasting and anomaly detection, seasonal trends, and other helpful tools, which makes it easier for affiliates to find the best products to promote.


19. Tapfiliate

With a stunning 93% customer satisfaction score and more than 2000 loyal clients, Tapfiliate’s dedication to customer success and happiness is more than evident. Also, it is part of the Amitad, a network that gathers affiliates and advertisers on one platform and is a perfect fit for iGaming businesses.

Tapfiliate’s most robust features include:

  • Step-by-step onboarding
  • Sales tracking links and coupons
  • White-labeled affiliate pages
  • Commission flexibility
  • Real-time program reporting
  • Integrations with more than 30 platforms
  • Custom integrations

In addition, Tapfiliate offers full brand control, allowing you to craft personalized sign-up pages and links while managing promotions and brand materials within the walls of the software. This can be greatly alluring to affiliates, and you can invite them via URL. Businesses can also take advantage of the customs integration features to make their life easier. 


20. FlexOffers

As one of the leaders in the industry, FlexOffers has an astounding 12,000 affiliate programs and is great for iGaming companies. With this solution, you can assign every domain to an expert affiliate marketing account manager. In addition, FlexOffers has a support team always available to reach by email or phone and a ticket system for after office hours.

Some of FlezOffer’s key features are:

  • Advanced payment options
  • Cookie-less tracking
  • Real-time traffic reporting
  • 24/7 compliance monitoring

The platform’s user interface is perhaps one of its most robust features, as it allows users to view performance reports in real-time while also making promotions accessible to publishers. Also, you can monitor which potential clients have stopped by your site, plus the total conversions generated by your campaign.


Best Practices For Affiliate Management

Once a platform wins your trust, and you start your campaign, you have to keep it moving and strengthening further. The following is a list of best practices to keep your affiliates happy and engaged: 

  • Send out regular emails to your affiliates — keep them posted on everything going on that might concern them, keep providing them with supporting materials, and keep them busy and excited about their mission. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your affiliates is crucial for keeping them motivated and generating revenue. 
  • Categorize affiliates based on what they earn — affiliates that make the most profit should be given more attention and awarded more generously. In turn, this will also motivate affiliates that are not performing as well to step up their game. 
  • Create an affiliate tier program — newbies should start at a minimum commission rate and have fewer benefits. However, they should be able to climb the ladder according to their level of performance. 
  • Arm yourself with a powerful management tool — this will help you gain your affiliates’ trust and make them feel more comfortable trusting the data you present to them as fair and accurate. 

Final Words

There are many amazing affiliate management solutions to choose from, and stumbling across the one that can be a perfect fit for your iGaming business needs can be a daunting task, which is why we have created this list. 

The platforms listed above have a solid reputation for driving revenue and keeping affiliates motivated enough to form strong partnerships with businesses of all kinds, including iGaming/Casino/Sports Betting, etc., so you can’t go wrong by choosing one of them.

We wish you the best of luck in your future affiliate marketing adventures!