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Affiliate marketing software in Malta is the best - THE AFFILIATE PLATFORM™

Affiliate marketing software in Malta

Affiliate marketing software in Malta is a way of promoting products or services and getting compensation for every user that signs up. If you want to know more read our new article!



Everything you need to know about affiliate marketing software in Malta:


What is affiliate marketing software in Malta?


Affiliate marketing software in Malta is the best way to start your business. It is an affiliate management system that allows you to track your performance and optimize your efforts.


Affiliate marketing software in Malta can help you manage your affiliate networks, track commissions and payments, analyze traffic sources, and much more.


The different types of affiliate marketing software in Malta


There are many types of affiliate marketing software available in Malta. They include:


-Affiliate Marketing Automation Software


-Affiliate Marketing Platforms


-eCommerce Affiliate Software


-Affiliate Management System (AMS)


And more!

Advantages of affiliate marketing software in Malta


It helps track, manages, and optimize affiliates:


Affiliate marketing software in Malta can help you track, manage and optimize affiliates.


Tracking: Affiliate marketing software helps you track the conversion rate of your affiliate products. You can also track how many clicks, sales, and traffic each affiliate sends to your website. This way you can reward the affiliates who are bringing in the most revenue for you by paying them more or offering other incentives.


Managing: Affiliate marketing software allows you to manage all of your affiliates from one place so that it’s easier for both parties to communicate and reach an agreement about payments, campaigns, etc. It also gives you an overview of how well each campaign is performing as well as what kind of rewards should be given out based on results (i.e.: higher payout percentage).


It provides a simple way to run an affiliate program:


Affiliate marketing software in Malta can be set up quickly and easily, which means you can start your affiliate program right away.


You don’t need to hire a programmer to set it up, nor do you need to set up your servers or worry about security issues. You just download the software and install it on your computer or website. This is much simpler than having an affiliate program that relies on custom programming every time a new merchant wants an affiliate program created for them.


It helps you focus more on your business:


Affiliate marketing software in Malta helps you focus on what you do best: your core business. When you use affiliate marketing software, all of the marketing efforts will be handled by that software. You won’t have to worry about creating landing pages or writing sales copy for your products. You’ll also be able to focus on growing your business instead of managing it!


It’s time for you to start thinking about how you can make sure that your affiliate program is working properly.


If you want a simple way to add an extra layer of professionalism and efficiency to your affiliate program, then it might be time for you to consider getting affiliate management software.


It makes the management of affiliate marketing faster and easier:


Affiliate marketing software in Malta makes the management of affiliates easier. It also enables you to keep track of your affiliates, optimize affiliate marketing and make sure that you are reaching your target market effectively.


It can be integrated with other apps:


Integration with other apps. It’s also possible to integrate your affiliate marketing software with other apps. This could be an email marketing system, a payment gateway, or a CRM tool that allows you to track the performance of your campaigns and identify leads. Integrating these two platforms will help you save time by streamlining processes and making it easier for you to manage your customers’ data across multiple platforms.

It provides deep insights into affiliates’ performance and conversion rates:


One of the best things about affiliate marketing software in Malta is that it provides deep insights into affiliates’ performance and conversion rates. This information can be used to identify which affiliates are not performing well and make necessary changes in your program, to improve overall performance.




THEAFFILIATEPLATFORM™ is backed by Gamify Tech, which also owns Smartico. The founders of both companies have a long history in the iGaming industry and have worked with many big names before, including some of the biggest operators in the world. TheAffiliatePlatform offers a one-stop shop for deals that match the full product spectrum of its clients. Communication is key as the platform allows affiliates to manage different interactions with their customers, whether it’s creating and running campaigns or sending newsletters. The extended tracking tools that could be embedded into various communications like banners or mail help bring an enriched map of clients’ behavior and preferences, which then allows for more targeted marketing efforts going forward.


What are the different features that THEAFFILIATEPLATFORM™ offers?


  • Collaboration With Partners — Dedicated Account Manager is part of the service via any of the instant messaging apps (Slack, Skype, Teams) and Jira.
  • Convenient Pricing — We don’t charge by your results, clicks, or conversion — one price for all.
  • Ease of Use — Allows your team total control over your entire affiliate operation, including overseeing your team of affiliate managers, affiliate management, real-time reporting, payments, and comprehensive BI reporting.
  • Total Control In One Customizable Platform — Tap into the power of a fully customizable affiliate management solution designed to manage your affiliate marketing campaigns, payouts, creative assets, and more. Upload, update and manage all your creatives across your entire affiliate network.
  • Track Everything In One Place, Build The Partnership You Want — TheAffiliatePlatform can make your next campaign the most successful one yet. It is a powerful affiliate software platform bringing casino and betting operators advanced solutions for creating, running, and tracking multi-brand affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • Comprehensive Feature-Rich Tracking — TheAffiliatePlatform provides real-time and accurate conversion tracking and records via API integration, FTP solutions, traffic sources, and media placements. It also features broadly advanced no cookie dependencies methods like Server 2 Server (S2S/Postback), Image pixel, iFrame, Client JS Block and Facebook pixel, which are ideal for advanced affiliate marketers.
  • Multi-Product & Multi-Brand System — TheAffiliatePlatform allows for multi-brand campaign creation and tracking and keeps the affiliate registrations and access separate for each brand. Different commission plans can be assigned per product and brand. Unite your iGaming brands into one affiliate program and manage them from one admin panel. 


THEAFFILIATEPLATFORM™ offers many more tools, and new features and functionalities are released every month. To book your free in-depth demo, please click the “Request a demo” button at the top of the page.


What are the different states in which THEAFFILIATEPLATFORM™ can help you with your affiliate marketing software in Malta?










-San Pawl il-Baħar




-San Ġwann












And more!


Trust THEAFFILIATEPLATFORM™ and request your demo now!