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Affiliate marketing software in UAE - THE AFFILIATE PLATFORM™

Affiliate marketing software in UAE

All you need to know about affiliate marketing software in UAE is in this article, Read to know more! By THEAFFILIATEPLATFORM™!


Affiliate marketing software in UAE? What is it?


Affiliate marketing software in UAE is a program that helps you manage your affiliate program. It is a tool that automates many of the tasks associated with running an affiliate program, including tracking sales, sending commissions to affiliates, and even paying them.


Affiliate marketing has become a popular way to make money from websites and blogs. It is one of the most effective ways to generate leads and sales. When someone visits your website or blog and clicks on an offer from one of your affiliates or merchants, they are redirected to their site where they can make a purchase. You get paid when this happens.


In essence, affiliate marketing is about directing customers to other businesses to earn money from their products or services. The more traffic to these offers, the more money you make.


Why do you need affiliate marketing software in UAE?


The answer to this question is simple: it helps you manage your entire affiliate program, from the beginning to the end of the campaign. This includes generating leads, connecting with affiliates, and tracking all the important metrics like sales conversions and commission payments.


Of course, there are many other reasons why affiliate marketing software is a good idea for any business owner looking to grow their traffic and revenue. Here are just a few benefits:


Saves time and money – Affiliate marketing software allows you to automate virtually every aspect of your affiliate program so that you can focus on other more important tasks. It’s also very affordable compared to hiring an employee or outsourcing this task to an agency.


Provides detailed analytics – You get access to detailed reports on everything from affiliate activity (clicks, sales) to commission payouts. This helps you keep track of your affiliates’ performance so that they can be rewarded accordingly or removed from your program if they aren’t performing well enough.


Allows easy management – With a single dashboard interface, it’s easy for anyone in your company (even non-technical people) to manage their affiliate accounts without having any prior experience in affiliate marketing or IT support fields.


How to choose the right affiliate marketing software in UAE for your business?


If you are an affiliate marketer, you want to make sure that your business is running smoothly. You want to be able to spend more time on your marketing efforts and less time dealing with issues.


Choosing the right affiliate marketing software in UAE for your business is one of the best things that you can do. There are many different options available on the market today and not all of them will be right for your particular situation.


Let’s take a look at some of the things that you should look for when choosing affiliate marketing software:


1 – Ease of Use – This is important because it will help to ensure that you can get up and running quickly with all of your affiliate programs.


2 – Flexibility – You need flexibility so that you can customize the software according to your needs and requirements.


3 – Support – Make sure that you choose an affiliate marketing software company that offers excellent support services so that if anything goes wrong or if you have any problems, they’ll be able to help out straight away.


Benefits of affiliate marketing software in UAE


There are many benefits of affiliate marketing software in the UAE, including:


1) Affiliate marketing software can help you save time on your business.


2) You can easily find the best affiliate programs to join and promote products from any niche at any time with just a few clicks!


3) You don’t need any technical skills or prior experience to use an affiliate marketing software.


4) Affiliate marketing software makes it easy for you to track your sales, commissions, earnings, and other important statistics related to your business so that you can see how well your efforts are paying off.




THEAFFILIATEPLATFORM™ was founded by the team from Gamify Tech Ltd, whose parent company is Smartico. Gamify Tech Ltd. created a Real-Time CRM Automation solution that works with some of the biggest names in the iGaming industry. The founding team has worked with these clients for years and understands how to best serve their affiliates. The Affiliate Platform gives affiliates one-stop shopping for all levels of deals and communications with their clients. The platform allows affiliates to manage different interactions with customers, such as creating and running campaigns or sending newsletters. Embedded tracking tools allow affiliates to get a more detailed picture of their customer’s behavior and preferences, allowing them to be more targeted in their marketing efforts going forward.


What are the different features that THEAFFILIATEPLATFORM™ offers?


  • Collaboration With Partners — Dedicated Account Manager is part of the service via any of the instant messaging apps (Slack, Skype, Teams) and Jira.
  • Convenient Pricing — We don’t charge by your results, clicks, or conversion — one price for all.
  • Ease of Use — Allows your team total control over your entire affiliate operation, including overseeing your team of affiliate managers, affiliate management, real-time reporting, payments, and comprehensive BI reporting.
  • Total Control In One Customizable Platform — Tap into the power of a fully customizable affiliate management solution designed to manage your affiliate marketing campaigns, payouts, creative assets, and more. Upload, update and manage all your creatives across your entire affiliate network.
  • Track Everything In One Place, Build The Partnership You Want — TheAffiliatePlatform can make your next campaign the most successful one yet. It is a powerful affiliate software platform bringing casino and betting operators advanced solutions for creating, running, and tracking multi-brand affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • Comprehensive Feature-Rich Tracking — TheAffiliatePlatform provides real-time and accurate conversion tracking and records via API integration, FTP solutions, traffic sources, and media placements. It also features broadly advanced no cookie dependencies methods like Server 2 Server (S2S/Postback), Image pixel, iFrame, Client JS Block and Facebook pixel, which are ideal for advanced affiliate marketers.
  • Multi-Product & Multi-Brand System — TheAffiliatePlatform allows for multi-brand campaign creation and tracking and keeps the affiliate registrations and access separate for each brand. Different commission plans can be assigned per product and brand. Unite your iGaming brands into one affiliate program and manage them from one admin panel. 


THEAFFILIATEPLATFORM™ offers many more tools and new features and functionalities are released every month. To book your free in-depth demo, please click the “Request a demo” button at the top of the page.


What are the different states in which THEAFFILIATEPLATFORM™ can help you with your affiliate marketing software in UAE?



-Abu Dhabi


-Al Ain


-Ras Al Khaimah


-Umm al-Quwain

And more!


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