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How To Improve Customer Acquisition For Your Betting Website: 10 Industry-Proven Tips

How To Improve Customer Acquisition For Your Betting Website: 10 Industry-Proven Tips

As sports betting expands and continues to generate astonishing revenue for businesses worldwide, more and more players are entering the market.

Younger generations would likely dismiss the idea of traveling to an inner city betting office just to fill a paper slip and wait in line to place a bet on their favorite sports team, and that is one of the reasons why the convenience of online betting has almost driven it to extinction. 

More bets are now placed on betting websites and apps than even the most successful betting offices around the globe. 

However, keeping your online customers engaged and happy at all times can be a tricky task.

In this article, we will explore various tried-and-tested techniques to help you develop a solid customer acquisition strategy and grow your sports betting website business at a viral rate. 


Tips And Techniques For Improving Sports Betting Customer Acquisition

There are various ways to improve the customer acquisition strategy for your website or app. Below, we have listed the 10 most useful ones.


1. Offer Attractive Sign-up Incentives

All successful betting sites have some kind of special bonus or offer for new players that promise a world of excitement, free bets, cheap pricing, or jaw-dropping cash prizes once they have signed up.  

And while this is a proven formula, it isn’t as simple as throwing together a deposit-matching offer and hoping for a highly positive outcome. A more effective approach would be to mix your reward with an external event that may interest your target customer base. 

For example, if sports betting is your forte, you can offer potential new sign-ups the opportunity to wager on a big tournament or single game at no cost if they create an account. 

By tailoring your incentives with your target demographic in mind, you can gain the marketing momentum you need to bring in plenty of new customers.


2. Don’t Take Your Customers For Granted

Many businesses in various industries are great at making that first sale. However, customers are often ignored while the company goes after new leads. 

And even after dedicating time and spending tons of cash to acquire new customers, not many take a step back to think about why customers often leave quickly. They then find themselves in a situation where they have to constantly replace the customers that walk away, which hinders them from making substantial steps toward growth. 

The right thing to do here is to acknowledge that the sign-up is just the start of the customer journey. This is when the customer is still excited and waiting to be impressed by what you have to offer and thinking about what you will do to remove their doubts and anxieties. 

Assure them that they have made the best choice and prove how much you appreciate them.

If your customers are not active, offer them something exciting; show that you genuinely care; make them an offer too good to be ignored. It could come in the form of a solid bonus, 50 or more free spins, or a free betting tournament with tasty prizes. Whatever you choose, make sure to make it fun because the happier the customer, the more likely they are to keep coming back for more.


3. Make Sure Your Website Is Easy To Navigate 

Is your website organized correctly? Is the information easy to find? Make sure to structure your page in such a way that customers can find what they’re looking for in a glance or two. You should include an in-depth help section and a knowledge base, as well as a FAQ page for the most common issues/questions asked. Go even further by making it easy for customers who have more pressing questions to contact you and get back to them as soon as possible. Showing people that you care is the first and most important step to building a long-lasting relationship with them. 


4. Provide Your Users With More Betting Opportunities

With so many popular sports, there are endless opportunities for betting lovers. However, unknowingly most of them miss out on plenty of potential opportunities. 

And while playing it safe is generally a good rule of thumb for sports bettors, providers should seek to include more bet types and markets for their customers. 

A good approach might be to engage users by showing them more than the usual 1×2 and goalscorer bets in the major European tournaments and leagues


5. Treat Customers As VIPs

New customers should always be celebrated. However, the ones you should treat like actual royalty are the ones that have stuck with you for the longest time. 

So, when you offer exciting deals to woe new customers, make sure the offers you create for your regulars are at least twice as enticing. Customer appreciation events and loyalty programs are bulletproof methods for boosting customer retention and making players feel like true VIPs.


6. Take Advantage Of Social Media 

Social gaming is the concept of players interacting with each other through online games, and it plays a key part in the development of betting apps.

People love the feeling of sharing their favorite activity with others, comparing results, and sharing them on social media. 

Players need to be given the ability to share their achievements and invite others to join the action easily with betting apps that offer seamless integration with social media sites. 

By utilizing social media in this way, you can boost your in-app engagement exponentially and acquire new customers as a result. 

There’s also another exciting social media element you’d best take advantage of, and that is to encourage sharing, as this will bring people together and hopefully help you create a thriving community. 

Peer-to-peer betting apps are becoming increasingly popular, and apps that simulate fantasy sports league play seem to be at the forefront of the action. The most loved social betting apps have also managed to mix the features of a standard social network with that of a modern sports betting app. 

People experience much more enjoyment when their app facilitates stronger ties to the community than when they bet in isolation. 


7. Utilize Push Notifications 

In-app messages are a great way to interact with your users. However, push notifications are much better at prompting them to return when they are not using your app. 

Even users who are already actively betting can still be influenced by a push notification. In addition, push notifications can also be instrumental in bringing back people who downloaded the app but didn’t interact with it further. 

However, sending out push notifications randomly without putting them into context may annoy players to the point where they decide to delete your app or stop visiting your site, so make sure what you send out is tailored to their user behavior. 

For instance, a push notification could be sent to someone who added bets to their slip but closed the app before placing them. In this situation, sending out a reminder push notification is completely acceptable. 

Push notifications could also inform users about new odds or serve as a countdown to a hot event. 


8. Pay Special Attention To The Onboarding Process

To maximize chances for success, every website/app needs to have a well-thought-out onboarding process. Failure on that front can lead to low mobile betting app engagement down the line.

The onboarding process needs to be as seamless as possible if you want your users to place bets and make deposits. And that is why proper user onboarding is crucial not just for their introduction to the app but also for retaining them as long-term customers. 

Ideally, you should include several registration options, including account creation/signing up through social media, to simplify the onboarding process and ensure less hassle for users. 

Show people what your app is capable of while they go through the onboarding process, but don’t overdo it. Don’t overwhelm them with too much information about features or advice on how they should be playing. Here, a balanced approach is the best approach.  


9. Get Feedback

A crucial but often dismissed strategy for customer acquisition and retention is to ask customers about their experience with your betting app services and get their opinion about how the site/app could be improved. 

No matter how hard you and your team are working, you won’t be able to keep track of every single issue. And that is why following up with customers (even those who have stopped using your product) is always a good approach to help you maintain a good service.


10. Implement Affiliate Programs

As it is, there are too many restrictions on app marketing, but using an affiliate program can make your life much easier. 

Affiliate programs can increase your betting app’s retention while also helping you build a loyal customer base. A growing number of businesses are also implementing referral programs for their apps. 

This type of program usually demands a mix of advanced mechanics and user-friendly use to find widespread success. 

And while there are many options that you can try out, few of them will be tailored to your specific needs.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place…

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Final Words

While betting site customer acquisition is a big challenge, user retention and engagement are what’s truly important. After all, they are the only accurate indicator of whether your revenue is going up or not. Aim for an omnichannel approach and a seamless and engaging user experience. 

For best results, devise a solid marketing strategy and consider how your betting website or app is built and what it offers to players. Stick to a constant process of improvement, and your success will be inevitable. 

Best of luck!