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Deal builder

Create the right deal for the right affiliate, the right campaign and the right group of players. 

Affiliate Deals

Affiliate deals can be very flexible and can get very complex based on the criteria and qualification rules. You can select several types and combinations of deal types.

Suppose а campaign is set in the Affiliate platform, including creative materials, landing pages, and specific deals. In this case, you can set the deal under the campaign and have it become focused on the campaign of your choice.

All sorts of Qualification Rules

At TAP, we understand the importance of setting clear and fair rules to ensure that your affiliate program operates smoothly and effectively. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of qualification rules tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to establish minimum requirements for a CPA/ CPL/RevShare commission to activate, or you need criteria to determine when a user is considered qualified. Our customizable qualification rules empower you to define the parameters that best suit your business objectives, giving you the control and flexibility you need to optimize your affiliate program for success.

Deals are everything.

CPL, CPA, Rev Share or Hybrid deals

Set your prefered revenue models – fixed CPA, CPL, Rev Share or Hybrid deals – by country, brand or by player tiers.

Drill Down The Deals

Each deal can have sub-deals based on the same criteria as the parent deal with just one or more parameters which can be different. Your sub-deal is created under the parent deal with the new conditions set.

Deal History

TheAffiliatePlatform™ saves all deal versions in chronological order, and at any point you can view the history of all created deals and see the total count of users who signed up and had FTD’s from a specific deal version, even if they are no longer active.

Tiered Commission Plans

Unlike flat commission plans, tiered commissions encourage Affiliates to send more traffic to your brand. As the Affiliates performance increases, they earn a higher commission.

FTD tiers

Define the Affiliate's commission depending on the amount of Qualified FTDs they bring in a calendar month. For example; €50 CPA for the first 10 qFTD, from 11-20 qFTD the affiliate will get €75 CPA, from 21-50 the Affiliate will get €100 CPA.

Revshare tiers

Define the Affiliate's commission depending by the amount of Net P&L (NGR) or by the amount of Qualified FTDs. For example; 20% Revshare for the first 10 qFTD, 35% from 11 and above. 20% Revshare if the Affiliate has up to €5000 Net P&L, above he will receive 30% (up to 5 tiers)

Sub-Affiliate Network Commission Plan

TheAffiliatePlatform™ not only allows affiliate merchants to make money but also their affiliated partners with a Affiliate Network Deals structure..

The Master Affiliate earnings model can be a percentage (%) from the Sub-Affiliate commission, or a Fixed CPA for every Qualified FTD.

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Pixel Postbacks

Keep your affiliates up to date with real-time server postbacks when conversion, or any event happens, with a payload of different parameters fired back directly to their own tracking system. The Affiliate Platform™ offers five types of Pixels (also called Postbacks).


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