by Smartico

Our features

As it is hard to mention each and every feature, everyone knows the devil is in the details, we have chosen a limited list of functionalities and core properties of what TheAffiliatePlatform™ has to offer.

Affiliate Account Management

Manage your Affiliates from one screen, set different permission roles in your organisation, and send your Affiliates out on their revenue-generating mission.

Multi-Level Affiliate Network

Manage Affiliate Network with clear transparency and full control. Build tiered commissions with unlimited depth levels.

Deal Builder

Set CPL, CPA, Rev Share or Hybrid deals with your preferred revenue models based on Net P&L or Net Deposit – by campaign, country, brand or by player tiers.


Payments & Adjustments

Efficiently manage all payments and financial history with your affiliates, in a direct payment system or a 3-Step confirmation flow to ensure payments are properly approved in your operation.

Custom Tracked Links

Manage your affiliation network on own domain with unique UI and branding. Your own domain will appear on all tracked URLs, and a short link will be provided for each link when grabbing tracked landing pages from the system, for usage in SMS etc.

Media Management

Assign creatives and media to all your partners and create personalised affiliate landing pages, mailers, and banners, all hosted by The Affiliate Platform™ with your own custom URL.

Built on APIs

Provide fully-integrated API for your Affiliates to receive financial and operational reports accessing it with API key generated in the backoffice.

Create custom Registration page for your affiliates with API, or use our Multi-Lingual out-of-the-box Registration page.

Personalized Communication

Build communication with your affiliates using Emails, SMS, Pushes or Popups. Send personal messages with 1 click, or schedule Newsletters.


Reports are the lifeblood of businesses. The Affiliate Platform™ gives operators complete freedom to set up data reports. Powerful and flexible reporting filters allows you see vital information about all aspects of your marketing campaigns.


What can The Affiliate Platform™ offer for your business?