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Media Management

Assign creatives and media to all your partners and create personalised affiliate landing pages, mailers, and banners, all hosted by The Affiliate Platform™ with your own custom URL.

Improve Every Aspect Of Your Affiliate Campaigns

With the The Affiliate Platform™ you can assign creatives and media to all your partners and create personalised affiliate landing pages.
Multi-Lingual, Multi-Currency, Multi-Brand – filter by verticals, source of traffic or any custom attribute you like to slice your media by, and track by it in all reports.

There Are 3 Different Types Of Media Assets Available In The Affiliate Platform™

Media assets is where you upload all your banners, emails, and other creative resources for affiliates to grab and add to their website.

You get an overview of the most crucial campaign metrics, such as visits, clicks, costs, or profits, and can quickly uncover areas that need your attention or improvement.

You have affiliates who want to start an email campaign?

In that case, you can create well-targeted and well-crafted email templates for them, including unique destination links according to the campaign.

With special tagging in the Email content, your affiliates will download the mailers ready-to-use already with their tracked links inside to the landing page of their choice before downloading the asset.

The affiliate can use a banner on their page, and the banner content will be loaded from the JavaScript behind.

You can change any images or anything behind that banner on your side without notifying the affiliate or having them change the banner code and the image source.

Destination Links & Landing Pages

Destination Links are the landing pages the operator uploads and can be grabbed by the Affiliate in order to track their traffic. The destination links are separated per brand and type, and can have different attributes like Language, Vertical, Currency or any other attribute you choose to “segment” your pages with, which will also be available for reporting and analysis.

Private landing page

Your landing pages and destination links can be either Public, and accessed by all Affiliates and they can also be Private. Landing page with a special logo of an affiliate website, or a specific bonus offer given exclusively to a specific source of traffic, has to be private and inaccessible to the rest of the affiliates in the platform.

Dynamic parameters in your link

When creating your links, dynamic parameters can be added to your destination URL in order to enrich the redirected URL with additional parameters so that the platform (i.e. casino platform) will be able to use those parameters as desired (for example in User Profile, such as affiliate ID).


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