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Multi-Level Affiliate Network Management​

Create the right sub-affiliate deal for the right level.

Multi-Level Affiliate Network

Unlock the power of Multi-Level Affiliate Network Management with our comprehensive feature designed to elevate your affiliate marketing strategy. Empower your network with seamless management capabilities that enhance efficiency and drive growth.

Key Benefits:

Enhanced Control and Flexibility: Take control of your affiliate network like never before. Our Multi-Level Affiliate Network Management feature offers unparalleled control and flexibility, allowing you to tailor your network structure to align with your business goals.

Maximized Reach and Revenue Potential: Expand your reach and maximize revenue potential with multi-level affiliate marketing. Reach new audiences and tap into additional revenue streams by leveraging the power of multi-level commission structures.

Streamlined Management Process: Simplify your management process with our intuitive platform. Effortlessly oversee multiple levels of affiliates, track performance metrics, and manage commissions with ease, all from a centralized dashboard.

Customizable Commission Structures: Create customizable commission structures that cater to your specific needs. Define multi-tiered commission rates based on performance levels, enabling you to incentivize affiliates and optimize your payout strategy.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your network’s performance with comprehensive reporting and analytics. Track the effectiveness of your multi-level affiliate marketing campaigns, identify top-performing affiliates, and make data-driven decisions to drive growth.

Configuring Multi-Level Affiliate Network:

Set Network Depth Limit Define the network depth limit to determine the structure of your multi-level affiliate network. This setting specifies the maximum number of levels or tiers within your network hierarchy. Additionally, establish the commission structure, including the percentage of child affiliate commissions to be paid to parent affiliates at each level. Reach out to your dedicated account manager to initiate the configuration process for your Multi-Level Affiliate Network.

Why It Matters: Configuring the network depth limit is essential for structuring a well-defined and efficient multi-level affiliate network. By setting clear limits, you establish a balanced commission distribution model while maintaining control and oversight over your network’s growth and performance.

Sub Affilaite Deal
Network visualisation

Enhanced Visibility in Affiliate Profiles:

Network Structure Display: Easily visualize the hierarchical structure of your affiliate network within each affiliate’s profile. See the parent affiliate and all associated sub-affiliates at a glance.

Revenue Tracking: Track revenue generated by individual affiliates during specific periods directly within their profiles. Gain insights into performance and contributions to your revenue stream.

Enhanced Visibility for Affiliates:

Network Overview: Affiliates gain access to a simplified view of their direct sub-affiliates, showcasing their immediate network. Sub affiliate identities are omitted to maintain privacy and confidentiality.

Revenue Insights: Affiliates can track their own performance and revenue contributions over specified periods. Detailed revenue breakdowns offer insights into individual performance without compromising privacy.

Affiliate view of network

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Take your affiliate marketing strategy to the next level with our Multi-Level Affiliate Network configuration feature. 

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