by Smartico

News: Multi-Level Affiliate Network Management

Multi-Level Affiliate Network

After countless discussions and design deliberations, we are thrilled to introduce our latest feature: Multi-Level Affiliate Network Management. This powerful tool allows operators to define the depth of the affiliate network and set commissions for parent affiliates based on each level of affiliates below them.

With comprehensive configurations for each level, operators can specify CPA commissions paid to parent affiliates from affiliates in their network, as well as commission structures for revenue share, which can be further customized to consider factors such as revenue share fees or NetPnL values generated by each player.

Both the back office management and affiliate interface have been enhanced with new screens to visualize the network and associated metrics. It’s important to note that in this financial model, the operator funds commissions for all affiliates in the network.

In the near future, we will introduce new financial models that allow for the splitting of original commissions, providing even more flexibility. We value your feedback and encourage you to speak with your account manager to enable this feature. Together, as operators and affiliates, we can maximize the benefits of this functionality and continue to grow our partnership.

Interested in learning more about this feature? Contact your account manager directly or book a demo here.