by Smartico

Real-time reporting

Commissions calculated in real-time, giving you complete control over affiliate data. Customise the view of your reports from The Affiliate Platform™ backoffice.

Get Accurate Reports For Your Affiliate Campaigns

Reports are the lifeblood of businesses. The Affiliate Platform™ gives users complete freedom to set up data reports. Powerful and flexible reporting filters allow users to see vital information about all aspects of their marketing campaigns.

The Affiliate Platform™ Offers 3 Different Reporting Types

Registration Report

Registration Report is a granular level report showing each specific user/player per row. By clicking on a player row in the registration report, you will access the Player Profile with all the information and financial activities aggregated for the player by The Affiliate Platform™.

Media Report

Media Report is designed to show results by different channels and affiliates, with the ability to group or filter different dimensions.
Data-driven marketing maximizes affiliate marketing spending. Custom reports on top affiliates, banners, and campaign trends can all be found in The Affiliate Platform™.

Media Report is a Pivot like custom report with a drag & drop option to customise your view.

Pixel Log

The Pixel Log will show you the history of all pixels fired back to the affiliates and their statuses (New, Failed, Delivered, Expired etc) easily allowing you to go back and see if a certain FTDs and Registrations were reported back to the affiliate by the pixel and the response of their server.


What can The Affiliate Platform™ offer for your business?