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Probably the most comprehensive Affiliate Platform dedicated to the iGaming industry.

The Affiliate Platform was founded by the team of Gamify Tech Ltd, the owner of Smartico, industry leading  Real-Time CRM Automation with Gamification & Loyalty solutions.

The founding team are industry veterans, that worked with some of the biggest names in the iGaming world.

The Affiliate Platform was formed to give a one stop shop Affiliate system with comprehensive and flexible deals that could match the full product spectrum of the client.
Communication is a key element as the platform allows to manage different interactions. Whether it is to create and run campaigns to affiliates, send newsletters or develop the creatives, everything could be done easily on the platform itself.

Мeasuring of engagement is refined to capture even the smallest details that matter. The extended tracking tools that could be embedded into various communications like banners or mails, help bring the enriched map of clients behavior and preferences and therefore navigate their most efficient targeting.

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