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Top Clothing Affiliate Programs For Fashion Bloggers

Top Clothing Affiliate Programs For Fashion Bloggers - TAP

This article explores the top clothing affiliate programs available for fashion bloggers looking to monetize their blogs. These programs offer a variety of commission rates and unique features that can be leveraged to promote stylish and trendy clothing options to their audience.

Some of the notable brands in these programs include:

-Gwynnie Bee, which offers a generous $55 per lead

-Organic Basics, which offers up to 15% commission

-Zappos, which provides a 7% commission

-Grayers, which offers a 20% commission with free shipping

-MyTheresa, which offers an 8% commission along with international shipping

Additionally, brands like Yumi Kim, Shirtbox, and ModCloth offer distinctive features such as bright floral patterns, eco-friendly t-shirts, and vintage-inspired clothes and accessories, respectively.

By joining these affiliate programs, fashion bloggers can earn commissions while promoting fashionable clothing options to their audience.

Being a fashion blogger is not just about sharing style inspirations but also about understanding how the business of fashion can help monetize these inspirations. Affiliate marketing is one such business mechanism. The good news is, fashion is not the only niche that thrives in the realm of affiliate marketing. Diverse fields like gaming, jewelry, pay-per-click programs, and SEO software, to iGaming, software, fitness, finance, and education, all have their unique affiliate programs. If you’re new to the concept, get a quick overview of how affiliate programs work. Exploring these realms might just be the opportunity to diversify your blog content and income!

Key Takeaways

-Gwynnie Bee offers a high commission rate of $55 per lead for fashion bloggers in their clothing affiliate program.

-Organic Basics, Zappos, and Grayers are other clothing affiliate programs that offer competitive commission rates ranging from 7% to 20%.

-Yumi Kim is known for its bright floral patterns and Asian-inspired designs and offers a 10% commission rate for fashion affiliates.

-Newchic stands out with its high commission rate of up to 50% for fashion affiliates, along with the opportunity to receive free clothes/samples for review.

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Top Brands

The top clothing affiliate programs for fashion bloggers include well-known brands such as Gwynnie Bee, Organic Basics, Zappos, Grayers, MyTheresa, AS by DF, Yumi Kim, Shirtbox, ModCloth, White House Black Market, Michael Kors, ASOS, Lulus, Zaful, TJ Maxx, and Newchic.

These brands offer a range of clothing options and commission rates for fashion affiliates. Gwynnie Bee provides a $55 per lead commission, while Organic Basics offers up to 15% commission. Zappos and Grayers offer 7% and 20% commission respectively, along with additional perks such as free shipping.

MyTheresa, AS by DF, Yumi Kim, Shirtbox, ModCloth, White House Black Market, Michael Kors, ASOS, Lulus, Zaful, TJ Maxx, and Newchic also offer varying commission rates and unique features to attract fashion bloggers.

Commission Rates

Commission rates vary among different clothing brands in the affiliate industry. These rates determine the percentage of commission that fashion bloggers can earn for each sale made through their affiliate links.

Here are four clothing brands with their respective commission rates:

1) Gwynnie Bee: This brand offers a commission rate of $55 per lead, making it a lucrative option for fashion bloggers.

2) Organic Basics: With commission rates of up to 15%, Organic Basics provides a competitive earning potential for affiliates promoting sustainable and eco-friendly clothing.

3) Zappos: Affiliates can earn a commission of 7% for each sale generated through Zappos, a popular online retailer known for its wide range of footwear and clothing options.

4) Grayers: This brand offers a commission rate of 20% along with free shipping, providing a great opportunity for fashion bloggers to earn higher commissions while promoting their high-quality clothing items.

These commission rates can significantly impact the earnings of fashion bloggers, making it essential to choose brands that offer attractive rates and align with their target audience.

Unique Features

Unique features of these clothing brands and their affiliate programs include a range of bright floral patterns and Asian-inspired designs, quirky and eco-friendly t-shirts with minimalist packaging and water-based inks, vintage-inspired clothes and accessories, upmarket signature designs with dresses retailing for around $150, and affordable luxury clothing and accessories with a large catalog.

These features set these brands apart from others in the fashion industry and attract a specific target audience. The clothing brands mentioned cater to different preferences and styles, offering a diverse range of options for fashion bloggers to promote.

Additionally, the affiliate programs provide attractive commission rates, incentivizing fashion bloggers to promote these brands. By offering unique and distinct products, these clothing brands and their affiliate programs provide opportunities for fashion bloggers to showcase their individuality and attract a loyal following.

Tips for Success

Tips for success in promoting these clothing brands and their affiliate programs include providing genuine product reviews, negotiating for higher commission rates, and educating potential customers about how fashion affiliate programs work to encourage purchases.

By offering real and honest reviews of the products, fashion bloggers can build trust with their audience and increase the likelihood of conversions.

Additionally, bloggers should consider negotiating for higher commission rates, especially if they have a large following or can demonstrate a high level of engagement. This can result in a more lucrative partnership with the brand.

Lastly, educating potential customers about how fashion affiliate programs work can help them understand the benefits of purchasing through affiliate links, such as exclusive discounts or special promotions. This knowledge can incentivize customers to make purchases, ultimately benefiting both the blogger and the brand.


How do I join the affiliate program for these clothing brands?

To join the affiliate program for these clothing brands, visit their websites and look for a link or section related to affiliate programs. Follow the instructions provided, which may include filling out an application, agreeing to terms and conditions, and providing necessary information.

Are there any restrictions on who can join the affiliate program?

There may be restrictions on who can join clothing affiliate programs, such as minimum follower requirements or specific niche criteria. It is advisable to review the terms and conditions of each program to determine any eligibility requirements.

How often are commissions paid out to affiliates?

Commissions for clothing affiliate programs are typically paid out regularly, such as monthly or quarterly, depending on the specific program. The frequency of commission payments may vary among different affiliate programs.

Are there any promotional materials or tools provided to help affiliates market the products?

Promotional materials and tools are provided by clothing affiliate programs to help affiliates market their products. These may include banners, text links, product images, and exclusive discount codes to attract customers and increase sales through their affiliate links.

Can I track the performance of my affiliate links and see how many sales I’ve generated?

Affiliate programs typically provide tracking tools that allow affiliates to monitor the performance of their links and track the number of sales generated. This helps affiliates evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing strategies and optimize their efforts accordingly.


In conclusion, the fashion market thrives with plenty of affiliate programs that offer varying commission rates and unique brand features. For fashion bloggers who want to take advantage of these monetizing opportunities, brands like Gwynnie Bee, Organic Basics, Zappos, and Grayers stand out with attractive commission structures and distinctive style offerings. However, affiliation is not limited to the niche of fashion, as is demonstrated by TheAffiliatePlatform. 

TheAffiliatePlatform, brought into existence by the seasoned team of Gamify Tech Ltd, is a versatile and comprehensive affiliate management system curated for the iGaming industry. It bridges gaps and breaks down barriers in affiliate communication and administration. With its variety of tools, including advanced tracking capabilities and campaign optimization features, it broadens the horizon of affiliate marketing. The platform represents a robust ally for affiliates, no matter their niche, and indicates endless opportunities for diversification and growth are present within the affiliate marketing industry.

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