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7 Ways To To Keep Your Affiliates Active, Productive, And Happy

7 Ways To Keep Your Affiliates Active, Productive, And Happy

With such a wide variety of affiliate programs, many people jump from program to program without consideration. And when it comes to successful programs, maintaining an active affiliate base is crucial.

However, keeping them excited about working with you can be tricky. There are several reasons why your affiliates might abandon ship, but thankfully, there are ways you can keep affiliates by your side while giving it their best.

So without further ado, here are 7 ways to keep affiliates loyal, active, and glad to be part of your team.


1. Pay Them Fairly But Handsomely

If your affiliates are doing a good job, give them a commission upgrade, they’ve earned it. Always try to offer the best commissions to your top performers so that they can keep generating traffic for you. Not everyone will perform at the same level, but everyone has potential. You must track the sources of the traffic affiliates bring in. Check how well they’ve placed their affiliate links; if there’s anything wrong, let them know by emailing them.

Affiliate links can be tracked with good affiliate marketing software, introducing affiliate contests (you’d be surprised by how much more traffic you can get if you let affiliates compete), and giving them financial incentives for reaching a specific goal. 

It would help if you ensured that your affiliates are being paid handsomely, as they usually earn quite a lot. If you fail to do so, they won’t think twice about switching to one of your competitors.

Also, if you have the budget, you might want to look into working with Super Affiliates — their global popularity can do wonders for drawing attention to your brand.


2. Train And Support Your Affiliates

Your affiliates will only do an excellent job if they know your product inside out. You must teach them about the most vital aspects of your product or service to avoid losing potential customers. 

So, to ensure a smooth and effective process with your affiliate, provide them with sufficient training and support when needed. If you can, also provide your affiliates with a trial version of what you’re selling so they can gain an in-depth understanding of it. This way, they’ll be able to accurately describe all the features and benefits you’re offering and have a much better chance of directing traffic to your site. 


3. Establish A Personal Connection

You would be surprised how much a simple congratulatory message can mean to an affiliate. Tell your affiliates if they’re doing well — this will strengthen your relationship with them while motivating them to push even harder next time. 

Whether it’s their first or 1000th sale, always be appreciative. You can give your affiliate gifts for hitting specific targets — this could be anything from a food basket to a piece of custom-made clothing. By making your affiliates feel appreciated and valued, you are creating a stronger bond between you two and the mission, thus providing them with the natural push they need to go the extra mile. 

And why stop there? Next time you’re throwing a staff party, invite them and show them that they’re an integral part of the big family.


4. Offer Various Payment Options

Another way to keep your affiliates happy is by offering different payment options so that they won’t have processing issues, regardless of their location. Provide them with choices supported by their home country and you won’t be wasting their time with unnecessarily prolonged payment methods that require hefty fees for processing. So, offer multiple payment options to avoid losing your affiliates’ loyalty. 


5. Promotional Offers Are A Must

Provide exciting promotional offers. You have to introduce new promotional offers frequently — during holidays, celebrations, or when your sales start to drop. For example, you can offer a double commission to your affiliates for a month, so they’ll feel incentivized to do a stellar job during this time and bring you back in the game with your customers.


6. Work With A Professional Affiliate Manager

The efficient management of affiliates is crucial for business success. Third-party marketplaces usually provide package affiliate management services and will have you pay a hefty fee for an enterprise plan. 

Hence, it’s best to hire a qualified affiliate manager, as they will know how to deal with affiliates efficiently enough to serve your financial needs.


7. Active Affiliates Are The Wind Beneath Your Wings

With multiple qualified active affiliates by your side, you’ll massively increase your chances of success. They could be influencers, famous bloggers, website owners, video game celebrities, etc. Even just one popular affiliate can generate many sales daily for a long time. 

Your affiliates need to be taken good care of as they can be the backbone of your finances. Spend time finding out which affiliates might best serve your needs and bring in as many of them as your budget allows. 

Generating traffic can be difficult, and having a solid database of affiliates bringing you constant traffic will make your life much easier.


Final Words

Managing your affiliates will be much easier if you follow the advice mentioned in this article. To succeed at this game, first and foremost, you need to develop a strong relationship with them because that is one of the main factors that will determine their success and, consequently, your success. It will keep them motivated to grow and be more productive. 

By having a thriving base of affiliate collaborators, you will soon enjoy the endless benefits of increased business awareness and financial gain unlike any you have experienced.

However, affiliate management isn’t as easy as it once was… 

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