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Why Affiliate Marketing Works Best For Betting Websites: All You Need To Know To Succeed

Implementing a wide variety of marketing techniques to drive your sports betting business is both wise and growing in popularity among the industry champions of the world. But what exactly are affiliate networks for sports betting businesses, and how can a sports betting affiliate network help your company reach new heights? 

Affiliate marketing brings businesses, customers, and networks under one umbrella to promote and elevate a sports betting platform (in this case). 

By popularizing a business and bringing in new customers and sales, affiliates are given a percentage cut based on their success. In the iGaming world, they are not only thriving but also generating incredible revenue for businesses of all sizes. 

Money and fame are the names of the game, and, in this case, the middle-man plays a crucial role, in driving expansion while curating the sports betting affiliate network. In addition, the affiliate helps pinpoint trends to increase your brand’s visibility through the goods you offer. 

In this article on affiliate marketing for sports betting businesses, we’ll explore the most crucial aspects of the topic and how best to incorporate it for maximal results. 


What is an Affiliate Network?

Affiliates use some methods to promote products and services, offers, schemes, and so on. They use affiliate networks to find the best offers to promote that are most relevant to their content. 

In the world of sports betting, any time a marketer register for a sports betting affiliate program, sending traffic to the sportsbook website becomes their main focus. The affiliate gets a commission for the traffic that converts into paying customers, and with sports betting affiliate programs, marketers can also promote a specific game, bet, and so on. 

Here’s the process outlined in three simple steps:

  1. The operator finds and makes an offer to the affiliate, or the affiliate registers for a program.
  2. The affiliate sends traffic to your sports betting business. 
  3. The affiliate gets a cut for the traffic that turns into paying customers. 

How Can Your Sports Betting Business Benefit From Affiliate Marketing?

The positives of affiliate marketing for sports betting businesses greatly outweigh the negatives — especially when it comes to the risk factor. In today’s business landscape, not having a strong social media presence can, in many cases, equate to professional suicide, and as many opportunity-hungry self-professed social media experts are looking to make easy cash for work of little to no value, you need to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. 

Affiliate marketing is a win-win approach that can help you win big while keeping a calm mind due to the little risk involved. It’s an excellent opportunity for sports betting businesses like yours to grow their customer base exponentially.

Apart from the low cost that comes with affiliate marketing, here are some of its other tasty benefits:


It Does an Excellent Job of Targeting Audiences

Having a firm grasp of the industry and sports betting target audiences, affiliates are armed to their teeth with all the knowledge they need to promote your brand with maximum efficiency. 

It Helps Your ROI

A massive majority of businesses in this field are using affiliate marketing to boost brand awareness, reach conversion rates, and ultimately drive sales. With affiliate marketing, sports betting businesses only pay for conversions, which opens up an incredible return on investment. 


It’s Risk-Free

With affiliate marketing, you don’t need to worry about heavy budgets, as you only pay for results. 

The approach also creates a customer base that has already been sold on the worth of your goods by your affiliates, lifting a massive load of work off your shoulders.  

It Boosts Your Exposure

Affiliate marketing allows for operations of any size, as the goal is to elevate brand awareness and exposure for your sports betting company. This helps your business become widely recognized while bringing in new customers. 

It Gives You Access To The Globe

With dedicated fans all over the world, sports betting can draw an international audience to your website and help elevate your sports betting affiliate network. Affiliates can do magical things when it comes to bringing in international audiences while also helping you understand what appeals to which demographic. 

Techniques Affiliate Marketers Use To Promote Sports Betting Businesses

Web Content

There are many sports betting experts with popular blogs and sites which like-minded people turn to for betting strategies and tips, helping them to elevate their skills. The people who run these sites promote sports betting businesses by publishing news, articles, banner ads, info about hot offers, products, schemes, and more. 


Many top bloggers write in-depth reviews about businesses to increase awareness and share the links to their sites to bring in traffic.


Social Media

Social media sites and apps are home to millions of people looking for value and entertainment. The constant flow of people with various interests allows affiliates to find the right ones and target them more effectively by using filters such as pages, groups, hashtags, and more. Through these channels of promotion, sports betting businesses can generate awareness and traffic for their sites. 

YouTube Videos

Like website content creators, many YouTubers are also doing their fair share of traffic generation by doing product or service promotions during their videos, creating specialized content about businesses and their goods, and so on. 

Email Marketing

Upon signing up for a business’ sports betting affiliate program, the affiliate is given links to promote on their platforms. This helps companies to track and study the potential customers the affiliates direct to them. Affiliates create sales scripts and insert hyperlinks in the emails to serve as calls to action and offer promotions, advertise products or services, and spread product or service awareness.


In an online world of merciless competition, getting a top rank in search engines like Google is imperative. That is why sports betting businesses, as well as affiliates, constantly optimize their sites to boost their rankings and ensure wide visibility among potential customers.

Offers and Discounts

Everyone loves a tasty deal. Discounts and coupons are a tried and tested method of promotion, which also helps affiliates bring high-end customers to a business. 

The Most Popular Affiliate Marketing Payment Systems in iGaming/Sports Betting

One of the best things about sports betting affiliate marketing is the variety of commission systems, with the most popular one being…


Revenue Share (RevShare) in the sports betting industry is a model in which businesses share a percentage of lifetime value that every paying customer brings to them through a specific affiliate creates. For instance, if a potential customer referred to your sports betting business generates $500 over time, the affiliate will get a cut of the total amount. 

However, this system relies heavily on the customer the affiliate sends to your business being active.


Recurring Payment

It is common practice for bigger businesses to create their network instead of seeking out third parties. In the network creation process, there are various options on the market but in iGaming/sports betting, making recurring payments is a widely respected feature. With this system, when the affiliate attracts a new customer, they get a percentage of the profits generated from them for as long as they partner with the business in question. 


Cost per Lead (CPL)

The CPL system pays affiliates for leads who sign up on the sports betting website

The lead doesn’t necessarily have to deposit money or make any other spending. Rules could be put in place concerning the quality of traffic that may need to be provided to the business. Otherwise, it may not work out to be a profitable model for it to rely on. 

Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

Usually, this type of system pays for every sale made thanks to the efforts of the affiliate. In the iGaming and sports betting industry, CPA is typically related to the lead depositing on the website. Some businesses may have specific rules regarding that deposit — e.g., the customer has to be active for a month for the affiliate to be given a commission. 

CPA and RevShare Combo Model

With a mix between the Cost Per Acquisition and Revenue Share models, the affiliate can earn a conditional amount when the lead makes a deposit. When customers make a payment, a portion of the money is distributed out, and as more people are sent to the iGaming/sports betting site, the commission cut for every new payment increases over time. 

Meeting The Right Affiliates

There are various ways to meet industry professionals and create fruitful partnerships with affiliate marketers. 

Share information about your program on popular sports betting sites and social media pages and make it attractive to the affiliate types you wish to target. 

Attend industry exhibitions and affiliate conferences — many affiliate events are organized throughout the year all over the world. Also, pay special attention to Malta, Berlin, Amsterdam, and London, as they are known for housing the most significant events for iGaming/sports betting. 

Affiliates worth their salt regularly visit these conferences to share their knowledge, learn more about the sports betting industry, and establish potential new partnerships with business owners — and that’s where you want to be. 

Also, the more people you befriend in the industry, the easier it will be to grow your affiliate network and land new partnerships with lucrative businesses. 


Your Sports Betting Business Needs A Dedicated Affiliate Platform 

To take your sports betting business to the next level, you will also need an affiliate marketing platform with a proven track record of driving revenue sky-high.

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With this affiliate system tailor-made for online casinos and sports betting, you can build strong partner relationships and expand your affiliate network on your terms. Its flexible tools can also help you optimize your affiliate marketing spending with surprising efficiency. 

This white-label platform is designed specifically for casino, poker, sportsbook, and fintech operators.

In addition, TheAffiliatePlatform offers the following features and benefits:


  • Collaboration With Partners — Dedicated Account Manager is part of the service via any of the instant messaging apps (Slack, Skype, Teams) and Jira.
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